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Get the information you need to plan for fluctuations in demand, to allocate hotel resources, and make staffing decisions.

Demand and Revenue Forecasting

Efficiently forecast hotel demand and revenue by day, including occupancy levels, food and beverage and staffing needs. Use customized reports and dashboards to stay on top of everything.

Workforce Planning

Plan for headcount changes and payroll costs fluctuations based on current payroll data and forecasted room, F&B and activity revenue.

Consolidate Multiple Systems

Roll the results into other hotel management systems to manage staffing and supplies. And integrate actuals and forecasts to produce your financial statements and variance reports.

Modeling and Scenario Planning

Perform what-if analysis based on changing seasonality, weather and special events. Forecast profitability by business unit and compare with industry benchmarks.
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Familiar Excel Interface

No need to spend hours learning a new tool. Our hotel management forecasting software uses a 100% native Excel interface and business logic for hotels, with simple data entry, forecasting and demand planning.

Pre- Configured Templates and Reports

Leverage templates built using industry best-practices to get started quickly. Templates are secured to prevent accidental misuse. And all your data is automatically aggregated in the Vena Database.

Consolidate Data from Multiple Systems

Load data from PMS, food and beverage, HRIS and other systems, daily or when needed, to run model calculations based on the latest information.

Flexible and Dynamic Scenario Models

Run multiple models in parallel and then consolidate for variance analysis. Spin up a best case / worst case scenario for your hotel to see what the bottom line looks like in various situations.

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From bookings data to operating expenses and more, bring all your data together with Vena so you can be sure that you’re always planning reliable, up-to-date numbers.

Room Booking Systems

Incorporate reservations, room rates, special events, and more from your PMS into our demand and revenue forecasting models for hotels.


Connect data from HRIS systems such as ADP, Workday and Bamboo to our planning software for hospitality and hotel management companies.

GL and ERP

Integrate GL and subledger data from systems such as SYSPRO, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Oracle NetSuite, JD Edwards, Sage and SAP.

Food & Beverage Systems

Load demand and revenue data from restaurant and catering systems to forecast future demand.

Leverage Templates, Models, Dashboards and More

Visualize trends and accurately plan for future demand with our pre-built templates, reports, and dashboards for hotel management. Our revenue forecasting models consider all revenue segments and activities so you can spend less time on data entry and more time allocating resources and staffing.
  • Room Revenue Budgeting Template
  • Food & Beverage Planning Template
  • Rolling and Driver-Based Forecasting
  • Hospitality Metrics Report
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Revenue Forecasting with Vena Helps Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels Stay on Top of Seasonal Demand

“Vena has proven to be an invaluable tool to forecast various scenarios under times of uncertainty to aid rapid decision-making by the company leadership team - specifically as our business is very seasonal.”

Jan Kruger
Head of Finance, Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels

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