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Make Enterprise Planning a Team Sport with Vena

Turn your departments into collaborative business planning partners with the power of Vena Complete Planning.

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Complete Planning With an Excel Interface

With Vena’s native Excel interface, your team won’t have to learn a new tool. Excel’s familiarity means everyone in your organization can hit the ground running and collaborate with ease.

Teamwork Makes
the Dream Work

Vena connects people, departments, processes and systems to make sure every piece of your business is working in tandem to fuel your growth journey.

Bring The Data to
More of Your People

With Power BI embedded, ad-hoc report building and intuitive drill-down functions, Vena makes it easy for all of your stakeholders to tell the story behind your numbers.

Take Your Excel
Models Further

Since Vena uses an Excel interface, you can import your existing spreadsheets and models into Vena and take advantage of our advanced modeling capabilities.
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Build Partnerships with Departments

Vena connects data from all your financial and operational systems so you can work from a single source of truth. And you can easily assign tasks, share files and collaborate across departments.


See the Big Picture

With unified data from across your organization, you can create dashboards, perform in-depth analysis and automatically share reports with your entire team.

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