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Excel Further With Our Complete Planning Platform

With so many different planning activities for manufacturing companies to keep track of—supply chain planning, capacity planning, CAPEX planning and more—budgeting and forecasting can be complex. Vena makes it simple. Our production planning and forecasting software integrates with your existing source systems, automates data consolidation and brings the entire cross-functional planning process into one centralized platform.

Connect the Dots With Vena

It’s time to turn your numbers into a narrative. With Vena’s drill down feature, it’s easy to perform profitability analysis at the granular level so you can uncover the insights hidden in your data. Transform your team from a number-crunching cost center, to the ultimate driver of growth and demand planning success.
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Move With Agility. Grow With Confidence.

If you’re relying on offline spreadsheets and emails for your production and demand planning, then budgeting, forecasting and reporting will always feel like a burden. Enter Vena. Our manufacturing and production planning software connects all of your Excel spreadsheets and templates to a central database with built-in version control so you can trust your numbers and plan with agility.
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Keep Your Data Safe and Sound

Your data is your businesses’ most precious asset—keep it safe with Vena. Our production planning and forecasting software empowers you to control data access and look at the history of a spreadsheet so you know who has been in your templates and where your numbers are coming from.
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Coca-Cola Consolidated Plans with Confidence

“The information we generate is being used across the business to better understand results and to make better business decisions.”

Matt Blickley, Vice President of FP&A, Coca-Cola Consolidated

Solutions To Help Power Your Plan To Grow

Learn how Vena can help you streamline your budgeting and forecasting, automate your CapEx and OpEx planning and accelerate your profitability analysis so you can get back more time today and focus on tomorrow.

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