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Manufacturing Forecasting Software To Help You Plan for Tomorrow
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A Complete Platform for Manufacturing Resource Planning and So Much More

Get a Complete Planning platform for all your manufacturing, sales, demand and expense planning so you can grow further, together.

Demand and Revenue Planning

Plan at the product level to project unit sales across your different product lines, entities, and locations. And get a better understanding of your most profitable customers and market segments with detailed dashboards.

Predictive Forecasting and Reporting

Generate automated predictive forecasts to seed or validate plans and facilitate demand and expense planning. Analyze variances between predicted and traditional forecasts through dashboards and reports.

Cross-Department Collaboration

With one source of truth for company-wide planning and analysis, you’ll be able to make smarter, more data-driven decisions as a team.

Financial and Operational Planning

Track and plan everything from traditional financial budgets and forecasts to more detailed operational planning for sales, marketing, I/T, supply chain and manufacturing operations.
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Free Up More Time With Our Planning Software for Manufacturing Companies

Vena helps you reduce manual effort, improve collaboration and free up more time for analysis—all within the spreadsheet platform you know and love, Excel.
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Excel Interface

No need to spend hours learning a new tool. Our manufacturing forecasting software uses a 100% native Excel interface so onboarding is a snap—even for non-finance users.


Create a seamless process that connects your sales and marketing planning data into your forecast and budget, so you have the right information at your fingertips at the right time.

Flexible and Dynamic Data Models

Always be prepared with integrated data modeling so that financial plans and reports update as your product mix, assumptions and drivers change—minimizing time spent manually updating templates and reports.
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Data Integrations

Plan with numbers you can trust. With integrations to your source systems, you’ll have a single source of truth for all your manufacturing planning and analysis.
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Try Out Vena Preview

Try Vena With a Free 7-Day Hands-On Preview

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Download and Explore Vena's Templates

Use sample data to test out templates for variance analysis, workforce planning, executive dashboards and more.

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Test Out the Vena 365 Connect Excel Add-In

See how Vena works with Excel to power your planning in areas like ad-hoc reporting and variance analysis.

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See Why Organizations Love Vena's End-User Experience

Learn how finance teams and budget contributors can easily access files and reports in Vena.



Gain a single source of truth with our manufacturing forecasting software. Our centralized database connects and automatically consolidates data from your source systems.
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Manufacturing Operations Planning

See how changes in supply, demand and costs will affect your bottom line with our what-if analysis capabilities.

Reporting and Analytics

With intuitive ad-hoc reporting and Power BI Embed, you’ll be able to present, report and analyze all your KPIs with ease.

An Award-Winning Partner To Guide You on Your Path to Success

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Frictionless Data Integration

You’ll spend less time integrating your data and more time analyzing it with Vena. Our planning software for manufacturing companies connects to all your favorite source systems so you’ll always be making decisions based on timely, accurate data. And you won’t need to copy and paste anymore—your templates will automatically refresh with the most up-to-date numbers.
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Demand Planning Software

Use Vena’s demand planning solution or sync data from your demand planning software so you never have to worry about working with outdated numbers.

ERP, GL and Subledger

Integrate GL and Subledger data from systems such as SYSPRO, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, Oracle NetSuite, JD Edwards, Sage and SAP.
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Fixed Asset, Inventory and Supply Chain Management Systems

Load data from your fixed asset, inventory and supply chain management systems so you can plan with the power of unified data.

HRIS Systems

Connect data from HRIS systems such as ADP, Workday and Bamboo to our planning software for manufacturing companies.

Get Pre-Built Planning Templates, Reports, Dashboards and a Solution for Demand Planning

Visualize trends and variances, track your best selling products and accurately plan for future demand with our templates, reports and dashboards. Our manufacturing budget templates are built with best practices and are ready-to-use, so you can spend less time formatting and writing complex formulas and more time creating your plan to grow.
  • Product Sales Dashboard
  • Predictive Demand Planning Template
  • Lag Analysis Report
  • What-If Analysis Report
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Revenue Planning With Vena Helps Hunter Fan Company Allocate Resources Where It Matters

“I think Vena is one of the best investments we’ve ever made at this company. It’s saved us a ton of time and helped us get more accurate numbers. Just a fantastic solution overall.”

Jeremy Vance
Senior Accountant, Hunter Fan Company

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