Vena and Microsoft: Partnering to Help Plan for Anything

Unlock the full power of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 within the Vena platform to place finance at the heart of your business strategy.
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Vena and Microsoft

For over a decade, Vena has collaborated with Microsoft to empower the strategic office of finance—creating the Only Intelligent Platform for Complete Planning Natively Integrated With Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft and Vena Integrations

Vena strategically integrates with Microsoft's leading technology stack—from a native Excel interface and embedded Power BI to Microsoft 365 functionality and more.

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Microsoft Excel
Vena is the only native Excel Complete Planning Platform. Vena fully embraces Excel and empowers organizations to perform all the mission critical processes they need to successfully run their business.
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Power BI
Create visualizations and dashboards with your Vena data in minutes using our native integration with Power BI, Microsoft’s market-leading business intelligence tool.
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Microsoft 365
Vena’s certified Microsoft 365 add-in provides users with a fast and secure installation and enhanced user experience in a platform-agnostic environment so users can plan with confidence from anywhere.

Microsoft 365, Excel, and Power BI are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies

Microsoft Template Kits

Curated Microsoft kits to help your team plan, execute and forecast. Access free trials to Microsoft 365, Power BI and more.

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The Power of Vena

The Power of Vena and

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