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Plan With Agility
Whether you’re planning for growth, planning for change, or planning for business as usual, plan with agility. Vena makes it easy to create beautiful reports so you can discover the real-time insights that guide your journey to growth.
Plan With Confidence
Gain greater confidence in your numbers by eliminating error-prone manual data input. With Vena, automated driver-based models save you time and allow you to run more accurate scenario models, so you can plan for any situation.
Plan as a Team
Accelerate teamwork. Vena connects all your data sources to a secure, centralized database so you can achieve a collaborative work environment. Your team already knows how to use our Excel interface.
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Turn Your Data Into a Direction

Grow with agility with Vena. We help your team understand your business’s past, present and future so you can move forward with your shared vision.

Perform “What-If” Scenario Analysis in Minutes

With Vena, you can quickly test your assumptions with advanced scenario modeling, so you can visualize how changes will affect your revenue and expenses.
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Stay Agile With Real-Time Forecasts

Static forecasts are a thing of the past. Vena’s real-time forecasts give you insight into how rapidly-changing market trends and economic conditions will affect your business goals.
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Easily Understand the Impact of Business Decisions on Cash Flow

Whether you’re planning for growth or managing through periods of uncertainty, Vena makes it easy to see the impact of your business decisions on your cash flow in real time.
“There are times when you have critical things happening in business that are going to sway one way or another. The ability to react to that in a timely fashion just didn’t exist prior to Vena.”
Rob Pastega
Senior Manager of Demand/Supply Planning and Business Systems, Nutanix

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