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Speexx Shaves Over Three Weeks Off Their Budgeting Process With Vena


Shortened the budget process by over three weeks, delivering value both within Finance and across the company


Workflows continued uninterrupted thanks to the ability to remain in Excel


Streamlined processes, arming Speexx with a deeper understanding of its financial environment

The data tells the truth. My obligation as CFO is to provide accurate data in a transparent environment. Vena allows this in a really flexible and easy way

Oliver Cen

CFO, Speexx

The Challenge: Needing a New FP&A Platform Like Yesterday

When your company’s FP&A platform reaches the end of its lifecycle, where do you turn? That’s the obstacle Speexx CFO Oliver Cen faced. As a finance leader at a SaaS digital people development platform with a worldwide presence, he needed a flexible solution that was easy to implement across numerous regions and products. 

One of the main concerns at Speexx was implementing a new FP&A platform that could replace its bespoke and outdated solution which the company was not able to update and maintain anymore. Implementing Vena quickly and seamlessly was top-of-mind for Oliver. 

After researching different FP&A software options, Oliver turned to Vena because he was impressed with its ability to provide the flexibility and functionality the old system lacked. “We had to start from zero,” he says, but the results were undeniable once his team got up to speed. “We could quickly see data and results more easily,” he explains, adding that the transition to Vena “enables us to understand our financial environment more easily and quickly.” 

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Driving Better Decision Making and Collaboration With Vena

Oliver says that the implementation, facilitated with Vena’s partner Finext, was surprisingly fast and painless, and the company instantly saw an upgrade over its previous processes. “We used to send Excel sheets by email,” he explains, “but Vena has provided an extreme improvement in process efficiency.” Vena’s native Excel interface also contributed to this improvement. 

That augmented capability is saving Speexx’s team considerable time and resources. Oliver says that since moving the company’s budgeting processes to Vena, the team has shaved at least three weeks from the process. This strategic move not only saved time, but also improved the quality of the team’s budgeting, forecasting and planning outputs. 

“I have visibility and control,” Oliver says. “This is the first time since implementing Vena that I feel like I'm ahead of things and not trying to catch up. It allows me to question more, and gives me more power, more control and makes my life much more enjoyable!” 


Impressed with how Vena has transformed Speexx’s basic FP&A workflows, Oliver says he’s looking forward to tackling operational and workforce planning next. 

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Customer Summary

  • Industry
  • Vena Users
  • Headquarters
    Munich, Germany
  • Vena Use Cases
    Budgeting, Planning, Reporting,
    Predictive Forecasting
  • Integrations
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, LucaNet

We want to take Vena to the next level and continue to develop. We’re looking forward to going even further with Vena through workflow and process management. Vena is the best FP&A tool I have used.

Oliver Cen

CFO, Speexx

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