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Discover how a centralized database, enterprise-level security, and powerful process automation—not to mention all the flexibility and familiarity of Microsoft Excel—can help build trust in your numbers, shorten time to close and improve everyone's confidence in the numbers your team is reporting.
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What could you do with 75% more time in your day?

Vena does the financial close process for you, including data collection, account reconciliation, and inter company transactions. We’ll even take care of complex, multi-entity processes like currency conversions and minority interest calculations. At the end, we’ll automatically put your entries in the right place, whether it’s your general ledger or ERP.
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We make it easy to make the shift to vena

Our sophisticated planning technology leverages Excel, so your team can perform all of their closing tasks—from data collection to reporting—with more control, security, and transparency than ever before
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Spend your time getting to know your business, not chasing down numbers

Vena’s powerful workflow engine makes it easy for you to design your closing process, assign your tasks, and put it on autopilot. We’ll reach out when it’s ready to review and you can see every change, comment, and sign off with a detailed audit trail and status tracker.

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