The Vena Power BI Connector

Business storytelling like never before
Tim Szego
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Enable faster insights and more informed decisions with the Vena Power BI data connector

Create dashboards and visualizations in minutes with the Power BI Connector, Vena’s native integration with Microsoft’s market-leading BI tool. Easily connect Vena data to Power BI to create at-a-glance, pixel-perfect dashboards and visualizations.

  • Easily tell your Vena financial reporting story using engaging, interactive visuals.
  • Turn operational data into insights across your organization at scale.
  • Collaborate on and further share insights that were garnered from Vena ad hoc analysis and reports.

Tailored Business Storytelling

For CFOs
Get at-a-glance visuals of key company metrics at any time, including on your mobile devices
For Business Managers
Improve business decisions by enabling access to self-service enterprise data analytics
For Analysts
Turn data into insights across your organization


Do More With Vena

Instant Insights

  • Drive business decisions with at-a-glance visuals of key company metrics.
  • Visually explore and easily share company results with key stakeholders.
  • Dive deep into analysis with self-serve enterprise data analytics with dynamic drill-through.

Immediate Set-Up

  • A certified data connector from Vena to Power BI.
  • Pre-defined data integration, set-up in minutes.

Real-Time Integration

  • Enable fast, informed decisions with always accessible insights, even on mobile.
  • Transform critical Vena data into dashboards with virtual, real-time data refresh.

Exponential Value

  • Scale across other operational groups to see the value of Vena insights and data.
  • Diversify reporting mediums for different stakeholders.
  • Generate best practices visual data analytics in minutes.
“ The Power BI Connector let us connect our Vena data with data from other key sources—with very little effort. This critical integration helps us understand when we are off-trend. We now have the ability to quickly adjust, focus on the problem and find a solution. ”
Chief Business Intelligence Officer
Cumming Corporation

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