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How To Be a Better Strategic Finance Business Partner: Insights From Vena's 2022 Industry Benchmark Report [Infographic]

October 26, 2022 Lisa Van de Ven  
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Finance has always been a numbers game. The traditional role of finance, after all, was largely an accounting role: budgeting, cash flow, profits and loss and so on. Jobs were done in a silo, and finance professionals stayed in their lane—poring over manual spreadsheets, making sure the numbers were good. 

But that’s not what finance is today.

While those accounting duties are just as important as they always have been, technology, automation and more collaborative processes have left finance with more time to spend on other things. And as their role has grown, finance leaders have become important strategic finance business partners—leading their organizations to successfully meet their business objectives.

Today’s Finance Leaders Are Helping Their Organizations Become More Agile in the Face of Ongoing Change

In our third annual benchmark survey, The State of Strategic Finance: Industry Benchmark Report 2022, we surveyed 132 business leaders and finance and operations professionals coming from organizations across a range of industries.

State of Strategic Finance - Vena Industry Benchmark Report 2022 - Strategic Finance Business Partner

We asked them about strategic planning, risk assessment, relationships, the three elements of the foundational framework for success—people, processes and technology—and more.

In the following infographic, discover how this year's survey respondents are working to become better strategic finance business partners and what they’re prioritizing as they aim to make an even greater impact in the future. 


Infographic of How To Be A Better Strategic Finance Business Partner


2022 Industry Benchmark Report
The State of Strategic Finance
What role have finance teams played amid the turbulence of 2022? How are they positioning themselves for the next uncertainty? Find out in Vena’s latest Industry Benchmark Report.

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