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Vena Release Powers Faster Planning and Reporting for Finance Teams

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Finance teams need to be able to quickly access important insights to help move the business forward. Now, Vena is putting more power in their hands to uncover the information they need to drive strategic decision-making and better planning. 

Vena's latest product release has added key functionality to the platform to < >make it even easier for your finance team to report on and analyze key company data, including  updated mapping automation, template design enhancements  and  custom reporting capabilities.

Mapping automation, in particular, is a huge time-saver, especially when you're building out data transfers from your source systems into Vena. The software's new Map By Name feature automatically matches source fields to destination fields in seconds, so you don't have to map those connections manually when integrating with external systems.

The release also includes a new Multi-Dynamic Insert Row feature, which makes it easy to add new information to live templates without compromising data integrity. This feature is particularly useful if you're doing lots of financial modeling with Vena because now you'll be able to instantly see how new data entries would affect your company's overall financial outlook.

Another key update in this product release is a Reverse Hierarchy feature when viewing and configuring reports, which enables finance pros to automate the process of creating balance sheets. With this feature, instead of being locked into a top-down view of key inputs on a financial statement, you can now configure templates to display your individual line items first while the summated values appear at the bottom. 

All of this exciting new functionality ultimately allows finance leaders to deliver actionable insights faster and to better fulfill their roles as forward-thinking business partners. Greater flexibility when building and mapping out templates also presents an opportunity for users to extend their Vena use cases beyond just the office of finance--an important consideration if you're looking to maximize the platform's value and incorporate new processes, such as account reconciliations, workforce planning and more.

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