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Strategy and Operations

Explore best practices for strategic business planning and learn to plan for anything—using budgeting and forecasting, reporting, workforce planning, revenue planning, cash flow optimization, financial close and more in FP&A.

What Is Sales Planning? Advice for Creating a Sales Plan, Sales Forecasting and More

An image depicting sales growth with a bar chart going upwards and coins illustration floating around it on top of a palm
Learn how finance and sales teams work together to create a sales plan that ensures your revenue engine is operating at peak performance.

Three-Statement Financial Model - Everything You Need To Know

A three-statement financial model links three elements of dynamically connected finance models and ...

Step-By-Step Guide to the Month-End Close Process [Includes a Checklist]

Looking to create a month-end close process checklist? These simple steps can save you a lot of ...
An illustration of a green mountain with a red flag at the summit, with a path leading up to the summit; next to it is a compass

Average Customer Acquisition Cost by Industry: Tracking CAC Benchmarks

The combined average customer acquisition cost of the 10 industries we review is $606. Learn what ...
An illustration showing the outline of a person in a green circle with arrows, a magnet, speech bubbles with four and three star reviews and dollar signs around it to represent the cycle of customer retention

Average Customer Retention Rate by Industry (And Advice for Boosting Retention)

The average customer retention rate of the 10 industries we review is 75%. Find insights for ...