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Learn how today's leading finance teams stay ahead in an ever-evolving economy and sustain a modern finance function through finance-led processes, scenario planning, business partnering, AI/ML and more.

Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up? What You Need To Know To Build Your Budgeting Process

Choosing between a bottom-up or top-down approach to budgeting? Explore the pros and cons of each model to find out what's right for your organization.
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Our 2024 FP&A Trends & Predictions: What To Expect in the Year Ahead

Vena's CFO Melissa Howatson predicts the top FP&A trends of 2024. What will the year bring, how ...
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How To Maximize ROI From Development Projects and Get Control of Your Construction Budget

What real estate developers need to know for evaluating and maximizing profitability of ...
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Financial Performance Analysis for Franchises: Get Better Insights on All Your Locations

Learn how franchises can improve profitability across all their locations with strategies and ...
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51 SaaS Statistics, Trends and Benchmarks for 2024

Explore the state of the software as a service industry through key SaaS statistics and how SaaS ...