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The 7 Best CPD Courses and Resources To Earn Free Credits in 2024

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CPD courses contribute to the number of points required to keep your certifications and professional memberships active in the UK, similar to CPE credits for FP&A professionals in the U.S.

These courses help you: 

  • Perform better in your role 

  • Boost your credibility in the eyes of professionals and recruiters

  • Remain in good standing with regulatory bodies like the ACCA and CIMA

  • Stay current with the latest technologies, developments and best practices for FP&A

However, not everyone has hundreds or thousands of dollars to invest in paid CPD courses. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of places that provide the best free CPD courses online. 

For each one, we outline who the course is for, what to expect and how to register, plus helpful tips for selecting the right CPD course and making the most of it.

Note: If you’re a US-based FP&A professional, check out our list of the best CPE courses.

The Best Resources To Earn Free CPD Points



Number of CPD Credits

Vena Academy

Free self-paced professional training, covering topics such as FP&A strategy, business planning, finance leadership and technical training around the Microsoft 365 product suite and Vena Complete Planning platform. 

Over 100 CPD credits are available across the catalogue of courses.


Free articles, reports, courses, events and webinars for members as well as a few free partner courses for non-members.

1 CPD credit for the resources non-members can access and up to 36 CPD units for the resources that members have access to.


Free webinars and online courses on a range of topics such as tax, corporate reporting, technology, ethics and leadership.

Not specified.


Free 1-hour CPD courses for licence and non-licence holders.

1 CPD credit per course.


Expert-led courses covering subjects such as accounting, financial analysis and modelling, wealth management and finance leadership.

1 to 8.5 CPD credits per course.


Free online CPD courses on accounting, corporate finance, financial modeling, budgeting and cash flow management.

Not specified.

Oxford Home Study Centre

Offers online CPD courses on several subjects such as financial reporting standards, taxation regulations, audit methodologies and ethical considerations.

Not specified.


1. Vena Academy 

Vena Academy offers NASBA-approved online courses to help you earn free CPD points. 

These on-demand courses are best for directors, analysts, controllers, consultants, juniors and anyone who wants to improve their strategic and technical skills in FP&A, the Microsoft 365 product suite (such as Excel, Power BI and Copilot), and the Vena platform. 

A preview of the courses available on Vena Academy

What To Expect From Vena Academy

Vena Academy covers topics such as FP&A strategy, business leadership and technical training on Microsoft 365 apps and Vena. These courses are created in partnership with FP&A subject matter experts within and outside of Vena. 

For example, Vena partnered with Benno Van Ingen, the Lead Consultant and CFO Tech at Finext to create the course “Mastering the Year-End Financial Close.” Dynamic Arrays in Excel: Key Functions and Formulas for Finance Professionals was also created in collaboration with Microsoft MVP, Purnachandra Duggirala, creator of Chandoo.org. 

Other popular Vena Academy courses include:

  • How To Become an Analytical Organization 

  • 5 Leadership Styles To Influence a Team 

  • 7 Principles of the Agile Finance Leader 

  • Get Started Building With Power BI 

  • Financial Close: A Foundational Guide

Depending on the number of courses you take, you could earn up to 100 CPD credits. You can sign up for Vena Academy to take courses that align with your goals. 

Vena also offers additional free CPD resources to support your learning, such as: 

How To Register

Enrol here to get started with Vena Academy for free.

2. ACCA 

ACCA provides free CPD resources, such as articles, reports, events, and webinars, for both new and existing members as well as non-members. These courses cover topics such as cash flow management, AI in finance, professional skills, cybersecurity and sustainability.

A preview of the courses available on ACCA

What To Expect From ACCA 

ACCA collaborates with various partners to offer CPD resources that you can access on demand. They also offer free webinars, which both non-members and members can register to attend. Members can get 1 CPD credit when they read articles in AB magazine and answer related questions, and they can also receive anywhere between 4.5 and 36 CPD units when they complete certain online courses.

How To Register

Browse through the available free webinars and courses via CPD highlights or CPD resources, then click on the one you are interested in and fill in the required details to sign up.


ICAEW offers new and seasoned financial professionals free webinars and online courses on a range of topics, including tax, corporate reporting, audit, technology, ethics and leadership. Some of these resources are created in collaboration with reputable companies like Deloitte.

A preview of the courses available through ICAEW

What To Expect From ICAEW

ICAEW members can take free CPD courses such as: 

These courses are delivered in various formats, including virtual classrooms and in-person classes. ICAEW also offers an essential CPD program that includes 65 courses covering topics in audit and assurance, tax, tech and data, financial reporting and other verticals.

How To Register

Click on the course you want to take, then click “access the course.” 

4. accountingcpd

accountingcpd helps accountants meet their CPD requirements with free online courses. It’s suitable for accountants looking to develop new skills, stay updated with industry trends and prepare for their next job. These courses are accredited by professional bodies such as ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW, ensuring CPD hours earned are recognized and can be applied towards fulfilling professional development requirements.

A preview of two courses available on accountingcpd.net

What To Expect From accountingcpd

accountingcpd offers two free 1-hour CPD courses you can access regardless of whether you’re a licence holder:

To access more resources (anything from 15-minute CPD bites to longer-form diplomas and qualifications), you have to register and pay for each one you choose. 

How To Register

Click on the course you want to take. Then click “go to course.” 

5. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

The Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) offers some free CPD courses delivered online for CPAs, CIAs, chartered accountants and other accounting designation holders. 

A preview of the CFI website promoting its course catalogue

What To Expect From Corporate Finance Institute

You get free access to expert-led courses covering subjects such as accounting, financial analysis and modelling, wealth management and leadership. 

These courses are for CPA holders looking to meet their ongoing professional education requirements. The amount of CPD credits you earn depends on the courses you take (it typically ranges from 1 to 8.5 credits per course, depending on your country).

Some of the courses include:

  • Corporate Finance Fundamentals - 2.5 credits

  • Excel Fundamentals - Formulas for Finance - 3 credits

  • Data Science & Machine Learning Fundamentals - 3.5 credits

How To Register

Click on the course you want to take from CFI’s course landing page. Then click on “enrol for free” to sign up.

6. Alison 

Alison provides free online CPD courses for FP&A professionals on subjects such as accounting, corporate financefinancial modeling, budgeting and cash flow management.

A preview of the courses available through Alison

What To Expect From Alison FP&A Courses

Alison’s free online FP&A courses range between 1.5-3+ hours of learning, and certificates obtained can be used as part of your CPD requirements. But you have to check your organisation’s guidelines to verify. The number of CPD points awarded depends on the course provider. Some of these courses include: 

  • Basics of financial management 

  • Fundamentals of accounting 

  • Mastering financial statement analysis 

  • Fundamentals of budgeting and variance analysis 

How To Register

Sign up by clicking on the course you want to take from Alison’s FP&A course landing page. Then click on “Start course now.” 

7. Oxford Home Study Centre (OHCS)

Oxford Home Study Centre offers online CPD courses on several subjects, including financial reporting standards, taxation regulations, audit methodologies and ethical considerations. 

A preview of the courses available through the Oxford Home Study Centre

What To Expect From Oxford Home Study Centre

You can access several CPD-accredited courses, such as:

  • AI for Accounting Online CPD Course

  • Corporate Gains Tax Mastery CPD Course

  • How to Balance a Balance Sheet CPD Course

  • Cash in Cash Flow Statements: Financial Management Essentials

How To Register

To enrol in any of OHCS’s CPD courses, you must email the team

How To Choose The Right CPD Course  

The right CPD course aligns with your current role and future career goals. It also covers the topics that are most relevant to your professional needs. Here are ten tips to keep in mind while researching and comparing options: 

  • Determine your career goals and identify skills and knowledge gaps you currently have

  • Type “the best free CPD courses” on Google to find some options or use the above list 

  • Review each course syllabus to ensure it covers the topics relevant to your needs, and verify its accreditation by a recognized body or educational institution

  • Research whether the credits earned are recognized and respected in your industry

  • Look into the qualifications and industry experience of the course instructors to be sure they have practical, real-world experience 

  • Determine if the course format (online, in-person, or hybrid) suits your learning style and schedule

  • Read reviews and testimonials from previous participants to get an idea of their experiences and the course’s impact on their careers

  • Evaluate the course cost in relation to the potential benefits, such as career advancement, salary increase, or skill acquisition

  • Ensure the provider offers robust support services, such as additional CPD resources

  • Consider the short-, mid-, and long-term benefits of the course, including how it will help you stay relevant and competitive in your industry.

Are Free Online CPD Courses Worth Taking?

Free CPD courses give you an opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge without financial commitment. You can learn at your convenience and fit the courses into your busy schedule.

However, not all free courses provide the same level of resources, support and feedback as paid ones. So, it’s important to review the syllabus to understand what topics will be covered and how in-depth they are. Then check if there is any form of support available, such as a community or additional resources.

Vena Academy offers in-depth, expert-led courses covering relevant FP&A topics such as planning strategies, finance leadership and technical training on Microsoft 365 apps and Vena. You also get free access to expert-led episodes of the CFO show, live and on-demand webinars and events.

FAQs About CPD Courses and Points

What Are CPD Courses?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. They are regular activities that CPAs and other accounting professionals partake in to maintain certifications, improve their skills and grow their careers.

Are CPD Credits Recognised in the USA?

CPD credits are recognized in the USA, but the terminology and specific requirements vary by profession and state. CPD is commonly referred to as Continuing Professional Education (CPE) or Professional Development Units (PDUs) in the USA.

How To Get CPD Points in the UK?

To earn CPD credits in the UK:

  • Look for programs offered by your industry’s professional bodies, such as the ACCA 

  • Attend conferences and webinars relevant to your field, and ensure your professional body recognises these events for CPD points.

  • Complete online courses that offer CPD points on platforms like Vena Academy, Alison and CFI

Where Can I Get CPD Points for Free?

You can earn free CPD points on platforms like Vena Academy, ACCA, ICAEW, Alison, Oxford Home Study Centre and accountingcpd. 

Article Vena Academy CTA

Earn Free CPD Credits Online

Fast-track your finance career with free, on-demand, CPD-accredited courses and certifications.

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