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The Best FP&A Conferences for 2024 (Virtual and In-Person)

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As an FP&A professional, an important part of your role is staying up to date with the latest developments in your industry. Regulations change, new technologies emerge and changing economic conditions put pressure on your role that might warrant learning new skills.  

There are different ways you can go about doing that—from podcasts and blogs to courses and workshops. But industry conferences are one of the best places to get these learnings, with opportunities to learn from experts in your field and get tactical advice from peers. Plus, they’re a great way to stay up on your CPE credits.  
If you’re unsure what’s out there in terms of events tailored to FP&A, or which ones are worth your time, we have you covered. 
We’ve compiled a list of the best FP&A conferences in 2024 (both virtual and in-person), covering topics such as: 

  • Agile planning for challenging business environments
  • The evolving role of technology like AI in finance
  • Financial systems and operations
  • Career development
  • Data and analytics
  • Leveling up your Excel skills
  • Team building and leadership best practices 

8 FP&A Conferences Happening in 2024   

1. Excelerate Finance 2024   

Vena’s flagship event, Excelerate Finance 2024, is happening in Nashville, TN this year—but it also has a free virtual-only option, allowing you to access the learnings no matter where you are. 

At this year’s conference, you’ll hear speakers from Aurora Plastics, Liberty Bank, Greystar, the Arizona Coyotes and more discuss how finance teams can build the agility and resilience needed to plan for anything in today’s increasingly complex business environment.  
If you’re especially interested in leveling up your skills with technologies such as Excel, Power BI, Python, Azure and Microsoft Copilot, Excelerate also features several sessions dedicated to hands-on learning. 

Examples of topics covered during the event include: 

  • The future of finance leadership
  • Building agility and scale in financial operations
  • Mastering the best of Excel for finance 

When is it happening? May 15–16, 2024. 
Is the event virtual or in person? Virtual and in-person, taking place in Nashville, TN. 
Can you earn CPE/CPD credits? Yes—attendees of the live event can earn over 20 CPE/CPD credits. 
What’s the cost of the event? The virtual event is completely free, while in-person tickets start at $1,250. 

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2. AICPA & CIMA CFO Conference 

The AICPA & CIMA CFO Conference is hosted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). Targeted at CFOs, it offers an executive perspective into current issues, anticipated trends and new innovations that are expected to impact the office of finance. 

The conference covers a wide range of topics, from accounting standards and financial leadership best practices to new technology developments in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity and machine learning. This year, you can expect to hear from a long list of speakers, including senior finance professionals from Ernst & Young, Volvo, Deloitte and Bank of America. 

Some 2024 sessions include: 

  • ESG implementation for SMBs
  • Revolutionizing your business with AI tools for finance leaders
  • Navigating the current economic environment
  • Risk management best practices 

When is it happening? April 24–April 26, 2024. 
Is the event virtual or in person? Live online and in person, taking place in Charleston, SC. 
Can you earn CPE/CPD credits? Yes—attendees can earn up to 22 CPE credits. 
What’s the cost of the event? The cost of attendance starts at $1,495 for non-AICPA or CIMA members. 

3. AFP  

AFP 2024 is the Association for Finance Professionals’ (AFP) annual conference. Aimed at finance and treasury professionals, the conference provides over 100 educational sessions across seven tracks. The conference also provides opportunities to network with other attendees and hear from technology vendors exhibiting their products. 
This year’s conference covers a wide array of content for various areas of finance, but the Financial Planning & Analysis Track will be especially relevant to FP&A professionals. 
Some of the topics covered in that track include: 

  • Living with AI
  • Building a world-class FP&A team
  • How sustainability programs can transform FP&A
  • Dynamic planning, forecasting and analytics  

When is it happening? October 20–23, 2024. 
Is the event virtual or in person? In person, taking place in Nashville, TN. 
Can you earn CPE/CPD credits? Yes—attendees can earn CTP/CCM, CPA and FPAC credits. 
What’s the cost of the event? The cost of attendance starts at $1,569 for early registration, if you’re not an AFP member. 

4. Engage 

Engage 2024 is AICPA’s flagship event. Touted as the accounting and finance industry’s premier event of the year, the conference provides educational content across nine focus tracks, along with opportunities to network with other CPAs and finance professionals. 

Notable speakers include Liz Barhydt (CEO of She Speaks Numbers), Robert Bohls (Section Chief, Cyber Operations Support with the FBI) and Stuart Benton (President and CEO of Bradford Soap), among others. 

The conference explores multiple areas of finance, but the Corporate Finance and Controllers Track will be especially valuable to FP&A professionals. Topics covered in this track include treasury management best practices, making your business a talent destination and integrating AI into your workflow. 

If you’re looking to dive into the technologies currently transforming finance departments, you may want to check out the Tech+ Track, which covers generative AI practical uses, data privacy and the cyber threat landscape. 

When is it happening? June 3–6, 2024. 

Is the event virtual or in person? In person, taking place in Las Vegas, NV and live online. 

Can you earn CPE/CPD credits? Yes, attendees can earn up to 42 CPE credits for both the in-person and online experiences. CFP credits are also available for specified sessions. 

What’s the cost of the event? The cost of attendance starts at $1,525 for early registration, if you’re not an AICPA member. 

5. FP&A Summit 

FP&A Summit is an event series aimed at advancing your finance function for the modern business landscape. The event is run by the Finance Alliance, an online community connecting finance professionals across the globe. Notable speakers appearing at the online event include finance leaders from Visa, Autodesk, Salesforce and Warner Bros. 
The content presented in this series focuses on skills and technologies to help FP&A professionals advance their careers and help their organizations remain competitive. 

Examples of sessions you can catch at the event include: 

  • FP&A as your strategic business ally
  • Cultivating impactful partnerships and transforming your organization
  • Strategic agility in FP&A 

When is it happening? March 7–8, 2024 (San Jose, CA); October 16–17, 2024 (Boston, MA); November 20–21, 2024 (London, UK).  
Is the event virtual or in person? In-person, taking place across three different locations: San Jose, Boston and London.  
Can you earn CPE/CPD credits? Yes—attendees can earn up to 10 CPE credits. 
What’s the cost of the event? Pricing for the San Jose event starts at $895; pricing for Boston starts at $795; and pricing for the London event starts at £695. 

6. Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference

Gartner’s annual conference for finance leaders, the Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference, aims to provide learnings tailored to executives at the helm of their organization's finance function. The focus of this year’s conference is Autonomous Finance: Driving Transformation to Unlock Enterprise Value. 

The event provides over 50 sessions of Gartner research-backed education across five tracks. Especially relevant for executives leading their business’s FP&A function is Track B, FP&A: Enhance Planning by Putting Finance in “AI-Mode.” It focuses on how FP&A departments can enhance their planning through faster data and analytics. 
Examples of the topics covered in this track include: 

  • Building a future-ready FP&A organization structure
  • Effective data and analytics governance
  • Using AI to expedite proactive data and analytics governance
  • Scenario planning that drives effective decisions and responses 

When is it happening? May 20–21, 2024 (U.S. event) and September 11–12, 2024 (UK event). 
Is the event virtual or in person? In-person, with the U.S. event taking place in National Harbor, MD and the UK event taking place in London, UK. 
Can you earn CPE/CPD credits? CPE credit availability for this year’s event has not yet been announced, though the conference did offer the opportunity to earn up to 11 CPE credits in 2023.  
What’s the cost of the event? The cost of attending the U.S. event starts at $3,525 for early registration and the cost of attending the U.K. event starts at €3,125 for early registration.  

7. Global Excel Summit 

The Global Excel Summit is an annual conference dedicated to lovers of Microsoft Excel, particularly finance professionals, data analysts and general enthusiasts. 

While it’s already passed, this year’s conference—available to stream on-demand—featured presentations from Excel experts, updates on new releases to the platform and tips to help you discover new ways to use Excel. 

FP&A professionals especially stand to benefit from the conference as it covers: 

  • New additions to Excel and Power BI this year
  • Innovative approaches to typical workplace challenges
  • How to improve productivity and add efficiencies to your Microsoft Excel usage 

The event includes feature presenter and Microsoft evangelist Leila Gharani (Founder of XelPlus), as well as product demos, masterclasses and over 30 mainstage sessions.

Vena was also a speaker and sponsor this year (we may be biased, but we think our session on creating your own add-ins in Excel using Script Labs is one you won’t want to miss!).  
When is it happening? February 6–8, 2024. (All sessions will be available to stream online.)  
Is the event virtual or in person? The in-person event took place in London, UK, but sessions will be available to stream online.  
Can you earn CPE/CPD credits? Yes—you can claim up to 41 hours of CPD hours of content that counts toward your CPD credits and earn a CPD certificate of attendance.  
What’s the cost of the event? Limited access to this year’s event is free, with prices starting at £195 for full on-demand access. 

8. Tableau Conference 

For FP&A professionals looking to level up their data analysis skills, there’s the Tableau Conference. Organized by Salesforce, the Tableau Conference offers the opportunity for professionals to improve their analytics skills and prepare for the future of data and AI.  

The conference features over 200 breakout sessions, as well as hands-on training, keynote events and community-led learning. There are also networking opportunities, Tableau certifications and an optional two-day bootcamp outside the main conference dates.  

When is it happening? April 29–May 1, 2024 (with optional bootcamp sessions from May 2 - 3, 2024). 

Is the event virtual or in person? Online and in-person, taking place in San Diego, CA. 
Can you earn CPE/CPD credits? No.  
What’s the cost of the event? Starting at $1,550 for early registration. 

Invest in Yourself With Professional Development 

In recent years, there’s been more pressure put on finance departments to go above and beyond their core accounting and finance responsibilities to help lead strategic decision making. One of the best things you can do as an FP&A professional to keep up with these growing demands is to continually develop your own skills. 
Conferences—whether they're in-person or virtual—are a great way to grow your expertise and hopefully accelerate your career trajectory.


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