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Solutions Partners

Fueling Dynamic Growth for You, Your Business, and Your Customers

Build with Vena to fuel remarkable growth. Our platform effortlessly adapts and extends to cater to your customers' specific business requirements, regardless of their growth stage or planning maturity. As a Vena Partner, you can build industry and use-case-specific preconfigured solutions to fast-track your customers’ path to Complete Planning and expedite your growth. 

Why Build with Vena?

  • Create differentiation in market with industry, use case, and business process specific solutions.
  • Drive targeted growth into the industries that align with your expertise.
  • Accelerate time to live and amplify customer value.

Partners who are successful in this program are:

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Seasoned system integrators, consultancies and technology solution providers who have deep industry and use case expertise and a desire to solve their clients’ challenges at scale.

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Ready to invest in leveraging the Vena Complete Planning Platform as a foundation to industry success.

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Well-resourced to build, service, co-market and co-sell preconfigured solutions.

Meet Our Solutions Partners

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Prolytics Consulting Group
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Vena collaborates closely with various consulting agencies, system integrators (SIs), and technology solution providers to deliver successful implementation projects across multiple phases throughout the customer lifecycle. 

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