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What Can Finance Professionals Learn from the World’s Most Successful People?

May 20, 2020 |

For more than a decade, Alex Banayan has obsessively studied what success means. Thousands of hours of research, hundreds of biographies and most importantly, personally interviewing everyone from Warren Buffet to Lady Gaga for his bestselling business book on success, The Third Door. Along the way, Alex uncovered important guiding principles that can help inform successful, finance-led business planning.

Discover how Alex’s lessons on success can help impact your finance team in A New Mindset, a CPE-accredited, on-demand video at, a digital learning platform for business leaders and finance and operations professionals.

“The opposite of success isn’t failure … it’s failing to try.” — Alex Banayan

Throughout his research and interviews, Alex learned that almost everyone he met approached success in much the same way—through persistence and resilience. What’s more, most of that approach can be applied directly to successful, finance-led planning at your organization, with notable examples, including:

Screenshot from Alex Banayan's Vena Nation keynote presentation.

Watch Alex discuss how the fundamentals of success apply to some of the biggest challenges facing strategic finance teams today. Take a page from The Third Door to use explicit and implicit messages that encourage innovation, experimentation and—ultimately—a growth mindset throughout your organization. 

Join Alex’s discussion for key takeaways, including:

Watch Alex’s on-demand video, A New Mindset, at to apply his lessons on success to your finance team and the planning process it leads across your organization.

Thought Leader Bio

Alex Banayan: Success Expert & Author, The Third Door

Alex Banayan, author of The Third Door, is America’s youngest bestselling business author and one of Forbes’ and Business Insider’s top “30 under 30” thought leaders. An expert in high performance and personal development, he is a frequent public speaker and contributor on CNBC, Businessweek, The Washington Post, MSNBC and Fox News.

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