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Beyond Planning

Vena for Beyond Planning

Amplify your business performance. Vena takes anything you can track, plan or analyze in Excel and elevates it.


Beyond Your Expectations

Vena gives you the power to go beyond budgeting and plan anything with intention. Unify your processes across your business and gain the visibility you need to move your business forward.
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Plan for Anything and Everything With Vena

Vena isn’t just for finance—companies use Vena cross functionally to make the decisions that drive their value, from marketing plans and project management to inventory planning.

One Complete Planning Platform. Endless Use Cases.

Experience the power of Complete Planning. Vena automates your most important finance, accounting and business processes so you can spend more time on delivering the strategic insights and analysis that make your business go.
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Financial Close Management

Whether you need to keep track of financial consolidations, account reconciliation or tax provisioning, managing your month-end close is simple with Vena.
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Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation

Our reconciliation checklists and systematic tracking of journal entries allow you to work the way you want so you can get results faster. Integrate with your sub-ledgers balances and audit your results.
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Incentive Compensation Management

Incentive Compensation Management

Improve payment accuracy, automate compensation calculations and drive sales performance with Vena. Take charge of your incentive compensation plans, payouts and reports.
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Financial Consolidation

Financial Consolidations

Vena gives you the power to streamline your complex financial consolidation processes, including partial ownership, intercompany eliminations, multiple currencies and alternate reporting roll-ups.
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Excel Further With Custom Solutions

Whether you work in marketing, legal, IT or HR, Vena Complete Planning has a solution for you. You can even bring your existing Excel spreadsheets into Vena to enhance your forecasting, modeling and analytical capabilities. If you can dream it in Excel, you can achieve it in Vena.
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Capstone Infrastructure Cut Month-End Close Times in Half

Steady access to reliable, up-to-date financial data reduces errors and enables standardized, automated financial statements.

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