Life Is Sweeter
With Vena

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A Gift From Our Team to Yours

Your life is about to get a little sweeter. On behalf of our entire team, we’d like to offer you a gift to help you kickstart your growth journey with Vena.

Your Gift Choices

$50 eGift Card

From A to Z, these eGift cards offer it all. Treat yourself to something special with a $50 eGift card.

$50 Charitable Donation

Contribute to a cause that matters to you. Pick a charity of your choice and we’ll donate $50.

Sweets Gift Basket (Canada only)

Craving something sweet? Enjoy this curated basket of treats containing chocolate, candies, nuts, popcorn 
and more.

Cookie Box (U.S. only)

What’s better than one delicious cookie? Twelve delicious cookies, of course. This box contains an assortment of unique and fun cookie flavors.

Select Your Gift