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Press Release

Vena Releases FP&A and CPM Solution To Transform Not for Profit Grant Planning and Funding Allocation

January 18, 2022 |
by Vena Solutions

Vena for Not for Profit helps organizations easily plan for grants, improve funding allocation and create reports for auditors

 Release includes special pricing and an exclusive virtual event for not for profit organizations 

Vena, the Complete Planning platform loved by finance and trusted by business, today announced the release of Vena for Not for Profit, a game-changing corporate performance management (CPM) solution for NPOs. 

Not for profit organizations play an important role in driving positive change within communities, society and the world at large, but they are often constrained by limited time and resources. Comprising tailor-made templates, data models, connectors and business logic, Vena for Not for Profit automates and streamlines key planning processes, such as grant planning, funding allocation and grantor reporting, so NPOs can spend more time revolutionizing how they operate and manage resources in service of their mission.

“Planning systems are too often built to serve as a one-size-fits-all solution without considering the unique planning, reporting and analysis needs of a specific industry,” said Rishi Grover, Co-founder and Chief Solutions Architect at Vena. “Vena for Not for Profit is tailored specifically to the needs of not for profit organizations and ensures they’re able to use their time in the most effective manner possible.”  

Vena for Not for Profit combines industry best practices for FP&A and CPM with the familiarity and flexibility of a native Excel interface and the power of the Vena Growth Engine—collaborative workflows, audit trails, enterprise-grade security, multi-dimensional modeling and analysis capabilities, and a central database that automatically integrates data from financial, CRM, ERP and HRIS systems. 

“Before we had Vena, I would estimate that when we were creating our budget, I was spending 80% of my time uploading numbers, and only 20% of my time actually analyzing those numbers,” said David Levy, CFO of National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI). “Now it's actually flipped."

To ensure that not for profits have the opportunity to transform the way they plan, Vena will be offering special pricing for all eligible organizations. 

As part of the launch of Vena for Not for Profit, the company will also be hosting a virtual, interactive event on February 10 that examines the future of financial planning for not for profits. The event will provide organizations with an opportunity to network and hear from leading not for profit organizations about how they’re working to transform their approach to program planning.

Additionally, all event attendees will be empowered by Vena Cares, the company’s employee resource group, to donate to a charity of their choice from a pre-selected list of organizations that have proven track records of driving significant impact as a result of their work across communities and industries. 

To learn more about Vena for Not for Profits, click here




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