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Vena Customer Testimonial - Nutanix - Planning
“Going into work each day and having the ability to be efficient, to be that conduit to the business, and to enable the business to make decisions has been much more fulfilling.”
Rob Pastega
Senior Manager of Demand & Supply Planning, Nutanix
Strategic Overview

Let your data become your direction

Vena breaks down planning silos across the organization by transforming your operational and financial data into an integrated business planning ecosystem. Our CPM software makes it possible to get high-level revenue projections that come with the ability to drill down into the details of a single cell. You can run profitability analyses and find correlations between your financial and operating data. Vena empowers you to turn numbers into narratives.
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See into the future with Vena

We connect Excel to the data you already have in your GL, ERP, CRM and other revenue-related systems. At Vena, our integrated business planning process makes it possible to pull in projected or actual numbers and spread them across the year in any pattern—without leaving Excel. Adjust your complex revenue modeling instantly as your business fluctuates.
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Track growth in real time

Vena makes it easy to spot the differences between your forecasted and actual results so you can adjust your revenue plans. Our corporate performance management software helps you analyze variance and profitability so you plan your growth journey based on real-time data. You can even take advantage of advanced scenario planning and what-if models so you can change course at the drop of a dime.

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