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Regulatory compliance and Reporting Software

Meet All of Your Regulatory Deadlines - With Time to Spare

We had this monstrous spreadsheet with more than 100 tabs… it would take somebody the better part of a day to update with the information from the GL. With Vena, we've done away with that. Any kind of change that's made is automatic.

Doug Vaughn

Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, American Health Partners.
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Never worry about versions again

Vena means no more copying and pasting or chasing down numbers. Our regulatory reporting software consolidates your financial, HR and operational data into one central location so it’s easy to find and validates the data that matters. If someone in your company edits their numbers, you’ll see the real-time updates in Excel and can create updated regulatory reports in just a few clicks. You can also use our audit trail to track changes on a cell-by-cell basis—so you don’t have to manually hunt for errors.
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Plan on the tool you already know to accelerate your regulatory reporting times

Vena and Excel come together to save you time and simplify your regulatory compliance processes. With Vena, you can use your existing, custom-built report templates and formulas, assign tasks to users and send out follow-up notifications. You can also automatically extract data from your source system, receive alerts about upcoming deadlines and add supporting documents to your reports.
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Make your compliance documents easy to access—and easy to restrict

Eliminate the complexities and manual errors associated with regulatory reporting. With Vena, you can keep unauthorized users from viewing, editing and sharing data. Our customized roles and permissions give you the power to enforce strict controls for both individuals and groups. When you want to collaborate, you can grant oversight capabilities to reduce the back and forth.

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