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Executive Board Report

View all of your Financial, Operational, People and Customer KPIs in one kit.

A Kit For Every Function

The Executive Board Report kit has been curated to help teams work together across the Microsoft technology stack leveraging templates that simplifies work processes.

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Executive Dashboard Excel Template

View all of your Financial, Operational, People and Customer KPIs in one Excel template.

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Executive Power BI Dashboard

Get quick and easy visuals on key metrics and analysis.

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Microsoft Project Templates

Help keep the team organized during the reporting process using any of the free Microsoft Project Templates.

Vena and Microsoft Are Better Together

From a native Excel interface to Power BI embedded to Microsoft 365 functionality, Vena has integrated with Microsoft’s leading tech stack for over 10 years. See why over 1,300 organizations use Vena to power their Plan to Grow—request your free demo today.

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Download your free kit and start getting more time back in your day so you can focus on planning for tomorrow.

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Revenue Planning and Projections

The templates in this collection will navigate your team from hiring campaign to producing People Impact reports from your new hires

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Employee Growth Plan

Use this kit to plan an execute a successful plan that show employee growth impact on Revenue