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Enhanced Analysis and Optimization

Identify areas of high profitability while comparing timekeeper metrics to make better informed decisions, and optimize resources.

Summarized Data with Visual Representation

Effectively leverage this template to make data-driven decisions regarding reported values for Revenue, Costs and calculated value for Profitability by Title/Department using dynamic charts and graphs to guide your summary of data.

Get Started in Minutes

Get started with the embedded sparkiness and data bars to visualize your variance across time and accounts. The template’s customizability lets you understand which timekeeper or practice department is more profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes. This Law Firm Profitability Analysis Template is totally free and yours to keep forever.
A. Use this template to analyze, track and optimize your timekeeper billable metrics, revenue and costs and profitability for optimized resource allocation and better-informed decision-making.
A. Since the Template was specifically designed for Excel, we don’t recommend that you open the Template in Google Sheets. The formulas and formatting may not work in Google Sheets.
A. Nope. All you need is Microsoft Excel.
A. ProLytics Consulting Group is a business technology consultancy, specializing in Performance Management, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions.
A. We’re happy you asked. Vena is the only Native Excel Complete Planning platform. Over 1,300 organizations of all sizes power their Plan To Grow™ with Vena.

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