Free Marketing Pipeline Template

Keeping tabs on your pipeline has never been easier than with this free Marketing Pipeline Template for Excel.


Get a Detailed Look at Your Pipeline

View your pipeline on a monthly basis—and compare it year over year with our built-in variance calculator.

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Monitor Your Key Metrics

Use the dashboard to track KPIs such as new pipeline created, marketing originated pipeline, closed won ARR, win rate% and more.

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Getting Started is Easy

Beautifully designed? Check. Pre-built Excel formulas? Check. Easy to follow instructions? Check. We’d done all the hard work so you can get started in minutes.

Plan Smarter With Vena Complete Planning

Make your Marketing Pipeline Template even better by powering it with Vena Complete Planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes. This Marketing Pipeline Template is free and yours to keep forever.
A. The template will help you track all your key pipeline metrics and monitor year-over-year variance—all in a single dashboard.
A. Since the Template was specifically designed for Excel, we don’t recommend that you open the Template in Google Sheets. The formulas and formatting may not work in Google Sheets.
A. Nope. All you need is Microsoft Excel.
A. We’re happy you asked. Vena is the only Native Excel Complete Planning platform. Over 1,200 organizations of all sizes power their Plan To Grow™ with Vena.

Download Your Free Template

Download your free Excel template and start getting more time back in your day so you can focus on planning for tomorrow.

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