Vena Named An Overall Leader in Dresner's 2022 Wisdom of Crowds Study

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About The Report

The report examines the overall importance of EPM, adoption trends, planning priorities, and the use of rolling forecasts to augment annual budgets. It includes an analysis of EPM priorities and how data-driven decision-making, and artificial intelligence (AI) are gaining importance and having a positive impact on EPM.

In the 2022 EPM Wisdom of Crowds Study, Vena is named an Overall leader in both Vendor Credibility and Customer Experience based on customer feedback across 33-criteria vendor performance measurements. Vena received best in class for overall value in EPM and a perfect recommend score.

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Vena Solutions’ scores are above the overall sample, with key improvements across virtually all measures. It is best in class for overall value and is an Overall Leader in the Customer Experience Model and Vendor Credibility Model. It has a perfect recommend score.”

Howard Dresner

Founder and Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory

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