Finance-Led Planning

Vena for Finance-Led Planning
Vena simplifies your processes and automates your tedious tasks so you and your team have time to focus on what matters—growing your business.
Finance-Led Planning

Streamlined and Simple

Finance-Led planning jumpstarts your journey to growth. We’ll help streamline your budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis so you have more time to focus on your business drivers and collaborate with your team.
Workflows That Work for You

Workflows That Work for You

Work your own way with intuitive workflow builders that track and audit every step in your processes so you can scale with ease. Send out an auto-reminder to your team before a task is due or map out every step in the creation of your annual budget.
All of Your Data in One Place

All of Your Data in One Place

Bring all of your data into a single source of truth. From your ERP and CRM to your HRIS, any data source you can think of can be connected to Vena. Access any spreadsheet you need from anywhere at any time.
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Excel Enhanced

Leverage the familiar Excel interface and turns it into a turbo-boosted time saver. You can use all the quick tricks you’ve learned over the years, plus all the ones we have up our sleeve. And since Excel is a universal language, onboarding is a breeze.

One Complete Planning Platform. Endless Use Cases.

Experience the power of Complete Planning. Vena automates your most important finance, accounting and business processes so you can spend more time on delivering the strategic insights and analysis that drive your plan to grow

Budgeting and Forecasting

Create budgets based on any requirement, whether it’s driver-based, zero-based or bottom-up and make top-down adjustments on your forecasts.
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Scenario Planning

With advanced financial modeling and what-if analysis, you can test for best-case scenario, worst-case scenario or any scenario you can imagine.
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Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Deadlines are no match for the speed of Vena. Easily link key financial statements so you can create reports fast with numbers you can trust.
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Operational Planning

Operational Planning

Create and share the data that makes your business run with ease. Create dashboards in an instant and Power BI doubles the impact with advanced analysis capabilities.
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Management Reporting

Management Reporting

Report on variances while completing your complete your financial tasks. And with our intuitive Excel interface, you’ll finish your executive board presentations in no time.
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Get a Running Start With Templates and Data Models

Hit the ground growing with Vena. Our pre-configured solutions are your ultimate planning foundation made up of templates, data models, financial workflows, connectors and business logic.

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See Vena in action with a seven-day, hands-on product preview. In your guided experience, you’ll see how Vena can help you:

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Gain Insights with Ad Hoc Reporting

Discover how to quickly build ad-hoc reports in Vena so you can free up more time for analysis.

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Collaboratively Analyze and Adjust Forecasts

Perform variance analysis while seeing how Vena makes it easy for you to drill into your numbers and update forecasts.

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Analyze Your Company’s Financial Health

Learn how Vena’s Choosebox can help you slice and dice data for faster analysis of your company’s financial health.


95% Faster Reporting in Vena Helps the Kansas City Chiefs Run a More Profitable Franchise

With Vena, the Super Bowl LIV Champions have one connected system for FP&A, league reporting, workforce planning, CapEx, player salary modeling, ticket revenue tracking and more.

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