Welcome to Vena's Emerald Club
Emerald Club logo (green square-shaped gem with V inside) over background of man in suit smiling.
Be Seen and Heard
You’re an industry veteran. A Vena power user. A thought leader. And the Vena Emerald Club is your stage to share your wealth of knowledge and connect with other finance leaders and Vena customers from around the world. It’s time to get rewarded.
As a member of the Vena Emerald Club, you will be given opportunities to expand your professional network, grow your social presence, and establish yourself as a thought leader in the finance industry. Initially, this will be done through connecting with other Vena customers and prospects through reference calls. As you complete reference calls, you will move through the ranks to unlock certain benefits. Eventually, there will be other opportunities to be featured on discussion panels, speak at events and present in webinars.

Professional Perks with a Personal Touch

Joining the Vena Emerald Club will grant you exclusive access to a number of professional and personal benefits. From sponsored team lunches and industry conference passes to access to our executive team, there will be no shortage of exciting benefits to thank you for doing what you’ve been doing all along—sharing your expertise with the rest of the finance world. Take a look at the membership tiers below and decide which you would like to strive for:
  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Number of Reference Calls 4 8 16 32

Honorary Emerald Club Gear 

Vena Blog Feature

Streaming Membership

Sponsored Team Lunch

Charitable Donation

Professional Service Hours

Vena Executive Endorsement

Technology Upgrade

Industry Conference Pass

Vena is an FP&A ecosystem powered by certified planners

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Sign up by filling out the form on this page and select the tier you would like to achieve. You will then receive an email confirming your membership.
Sync Up
You will receive regular updates through email and one of our Vena Emerald Club staff will present opportunities as they arise.
Get Recognized and Rewarded
Whenever you complete a reference call, your member status will be updated so you can receive the recognition and benefits you deserve.

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