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Press Release

Vena’s Next Phase of Growth: A Message to Our Customers and Community

May 25, 2021 |
by Vena Solutions

Vena has come a long way since we opened our doors in 2011. We’ve transitioned from startup to scale up. We’ve grown into a company with more than 450 people across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. And we’re well-positioned to tackle our next phase of growth, with a great team, wonderful customers and partners and $300 million in Series C funding to help us scale. 

We’re excited for what the future holds. We’ll grow our team, continue to evolve our product, build our partner network and expand the community of finance and operations professionals we serve. As we embark on the next leg of our journey, we’ll also be adding a new CTO to lead our Product and Technology teams. Our co-founder and current CTO, George Papayiannis has spent 10 years leading these teams and believes our next 10 years of growth will be better served with him supporting rather than leading. The decision to pass the baton can be tough, but the time is right and we fully support George in his decision. After all, our customers get the best of both worlds—a passionate and committed founder staying close to the business and the product, and a great new leader to help us better serve our mission of powering our customers’ Plan To Grow™. 

George will continue to lead as our CTO during the search to find a great successor, and we’ll continue driving full steam ahead on our product roadmap through the hiring process and transition.  

“The timing has never been better to work through a transition like this,” says George. “The company is in the best position it's ever been. We continue to win and delight customers and are ready to scale into this next phase of growth. We have something incredibly special at Vena. Culturally, as a group, as a brand, we have the opportunity to build something that could outlive all of us.”

Every Plan To Grow Starts in Excel. Vena’s Was No Different 

From day one, Vena’s core value proposition was to leverage the tools finance professionals know and love. George and co-founders Rishi Grover (Chief Solutions Architect) and Don Mal (former CEO) saw an opportunity to amplify Excel’s familiarity and flexibility to help the office of finance become a more strategic partner to the business. Excel became the window to the data and interface to Vena’s planning, budgeting and forecasting software, which streamlines manual FP&A processes so our customers can spend more time doing important analysis.  

Almost 1000 customers later, Vena has grown into a fully cloud native, corporate performance management platform, empowering finance, operations and business leaders worldwide to Plan To Grow their businesses with the power of unified data. We’re proud to have been recognized for our usability, customer support, feature set and more from organizations including Gartner, BPM Partners, TrustRadius and G2. We’ve also been recognized as a great place to work by Comparably and Glassdoor and remain committed to building a truly inclusive culture driven by our CORE values—Customer Trust, One Team, Respect and Authenticity, Execution Excellence. They guide every decision we make and every action we take.

Vena’s Next Phase of Growth

We’ve accomplished a lot over the last 10 years and the future is looking bright for our platform. Over the next year, we will stay laser-focused on our key product and technology priorities— rapid time-to-value, best practice methodology and speed to insight. We will be launching revolutionary enhancements to Vena’s core offering, including building on-top of Microsoft’s Office365 platform and launching embedded data visualization leveraging PowerBI.

Our Product and Technology team is full of superb talent led by Andrew Stanbridge (VP Product) to Carrie Tanguay (VP Development) and Colin Coller (VP Architecture). This team is taking Vena’s technology and platform to new heights, and is dedicated to creating the best Product and Technology organization possible. 

“Behind every great product are great people,” says Andrew. “We’ve spent our first 10 years building a top-tier team of over 100 people in Vena's Product and Technology organization. I am excited about the products we are building and the value we create for our customers.  And we’re all excited to partner with a new CTO whose knowledge and experience will help power our next 10 years of growth”

Vena’s Product and Technology team will continue to grow fast, bringing on best-in-class talent, including a new CTO, to help our customers build agility and resilience into their planning and operating processes with our technology and methodology. 

If you’re interested in joining Vena, check out our Careers page.

The Future Is Now

We are incredibly excited about what the future holds for Vena. We will continue to invest in our customers, focusing on providing a market-leading customer experience and product. We’ll stay on course with our strategic direction, helping businesses power their Plan To Grow. And we’ll continue to focus on building a wonderful company and culture in the service of our customers.


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