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Data accuracy and faster insights key to Corcentric’s success with Vena

“Because we’re providing managers with so much useful information now, they’re coming back to us and asking for more, and more and more. So it’s exciting to be able to give them that data they never had before.” - Sylvia VanHees, Program Accounting Manager at Corcentric

Identify short-term trends to foster long-term growth

We believe in the power of planning. Vena’s operational reporting tools make it easy to identify emerging trends so you can make swift decisions to improve your day-to-day operational planning. Use real-time data to produce comprehensive daily operations reports that every manager and department can use. Vena’s integrated planning helps your entire business grow.

Data you can count on

Be confident in your numbers. Automatic data entry and source system integration capabilities mean no more seconding guessing. And with Vena, you won’t have to wait for month end transactions to be completed so you can analyze and view your data. With on demand data, you can stop missing opportunities, chasing competitors and reacting to the market. Stay one step ahead with our operational reporting software.
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Better reports make for smarter decisions

Vena puts finance at the forefront of operational reporting. At-a-glance visuals give you a snapshot of your data so you can quickly report and analyze your numbers. Want a closer look at the numbers in your ops report? Vena’s drill down feature lets you click into specific accounts and see general ledger details in seconds. Make strategic decisions that drive your business forward with increased visibility into your ops report.

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