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Adapting to Rising Interest Rates with Vena

Episode 4

As economic fluctuations and rising interest rates continue to define 2023, it's crucial that financial institutions be able to quickly model the impact of these changes to their net interest margin (NIM) and manage their portfolio decisions accordingly.

In this panel discussion, we’ll dive into the strategic considerations and technologies that can help you do just that.

Watch this session to:
- Learn best practices from top institutions for strategic planning in a volatile interest rate environment
- Explore the nuances of Net Interest Margin planning, including adjustments to baseline rates and Funds Transfer Pricing
- Master Vena's Net Interest Margin Planning Template to adapt quickly to market changes and make real-time, data-driven decisions.

Finally, don't forget to download your free Net Interest Margin Planning Excel template.

Headshot of Giovanna Reinking on a green background
Giovanna Reinking

Principal Instructional Designer

Headshot of Rebecca Lomax on a green background
Rebecca Lomax

Senior Solutions Consultant

Headshot of Omer Khan on a green background
Omer Khan

Services Solutions Manager

Headshot of Dylan McMullen on a green background
Dylan McMullen

Senior Regional Sales Manager

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