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Building a Career in Corporate Finance

Episode 1

Christine Harms, Senior Director of Finance at the Arizona Cardinals, shares how she overcame her career hurdles and what in the industry inspires her. She discusses mentors who helped her reach her current position, and why advocacy and mentorship are critical for career growth. Christine shares advice she was given as she began her career in corporate finance and offers tips on leveling up your technical and soft skills. You’ll get insights into gender gap issues in the industry and learn how to clearly—and successfully—ask for what you want without compromising your career advancement.

Christine Harms

Senior Director, Finance
Arizona Cardinals

WendyBraithwaite_Web-headshot 1
Wendy Braithwaite

Chief Financial Planning & Orchestration Officer
Microsoft Canada

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Episode 2

Harnessing Your Finance Leadership

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Episode 3

Finding Work-Life Balance in the Hybrid Workplace

Muneerah Kanji, Vice President of Finance at Vena, discusses how to maintain a successful work-life balance. Get advice on establishing boundaries, finding support and setting time aside for your family.

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Episode 4

Navigating the Future of Finance

A.I., machine learning and an ever-growing amount of data to make sense of. Find out how finance teams can stay ahead of change with Larysa Melnychuk, Founder and CEO at FP&A Trends Group.

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