Plan for Product Revenue

This Revenue Model Template for Excel allows you to plan sales by product across your year, calculate product revenue, visualize trends and more.

Calculate Cost of Sales

Automatically calculate the cost of sales for your products by inputting costs (such as labor and raw materials) and the cost associated with each input.

Get Started in Minutes

No need to set up complicated Excel formulas or spend hours optimizing the design of your workbook. This Template is formatted (but still customizable) and ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Revenue projection is a financial forecast of the amount of money a business expects to earn from its sales in a future period. It's based on factors like historical data, market research, and sales trends. This projection helps businesses plan budgets plan budgets, allocate resources, and make strategic decisions.
A. Our revenue projection template allows you to plan and forecast plan and forecast your business's revenue, helping you make informed decisions about budgeting, resource allocation, and strategic planning.
A. This template allows you to plan sales by product across the year, calculate product revenue, visualize trends, and automatically calculate the cost of sales for your products by inputting costs such as labor and raw materials.
A. The template allows you to input your projected sales and associated costs for each product. It then calculates your expected revenue and cost of sales, helping you forecast your financial performance.
A. Nope. All you need is Microsoft Excel.
A. We’re happy you asked. Vena is the only Native Excel Complete Planning platform. Over 1,200 organizations of all sizes power their Plan To Grow™ with Vena.

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