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Free Executive Dashboard for Power BI

Get an instant view of high-level metrics from across your business, including financial, operational and HR metrics.

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Track Top Financial Indicators

Use this Executive Power BI Dashboard to keep your eyes on important indicators of the financial health of your business. See your company’s revenue-to-date, gross margin and cash before earnings and taxes (EBIT).

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View Metrics Across Your Business

Use the template to get a more complete view of your business, beyond just your financials. Monitor HR hire status and view a customized graph of operation expenditures for a better understanding of where the money goes.

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Customize Your Visuals

This template allows you to customize visuals generated by Power BI including revenue-by-entity and an income decomposition tree. Drill down into the data for a more granular look.

Vena and Microsoft Are Better Together

From a native Excel interface to Power BI embedded to Microsoft 365 functionality, Vena has integrated with Microsoft’s leading tech stack for over 10 years. See why over 1,300 organizations use Vena to power their Plan to Grow—request your free demo today.

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Download Your Free Template

Download your free Power BI template and start getting more time back in your day so you can focus on planning for tomorrow.

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