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Free HR Executive Dashboard for Power BI

Get an at-a-glance view of high-level HR metrics, then drill down to see costs and track headcount growth by entity, region and hire type.

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Track Top HR Metrics

Use this template to monitor headcount and track against growth targets. Get an overview of your new hire pipeline by region and hire type, so you’re prepared for any staffing challenge.

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Model Potential Changes

The HR Executive Dashboard for Power BI lets you drill down into all HR-related expense accounts and visualize the outcome of changing budget scenarios before making big decisions.

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Keep an Eye on Costs

This template uses an expense decomposition tree to drill down into staffing and related HR costs by entity or account. Also, drill down into expense accounts by entity or department for a better view of overall spending.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. This HR Executive Dashboard for Power BI is totally free and yours to keep forever.


This HR Executive Dashboard for Power BI gives HR executives a high-level view of important HR cost metrics and access to the data to make informed staffing and budget decisions.


Since the Template was specifically designed for Excel, we don’t recommend that you open the Template in Google Sheets. The formulas and formatting may not work in Google Sheets.


Nope. All you need is Microsoft Excel and Power BI.


We’re happy you asked. Vena is the only Native Excel Complete Planning platform. Over 1,300 organizations of all sizes power their Plan To Grow™ with Vena.

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