Va11y: Vena as an Accessibility Ally
Va11y aims to actualize barrier-free access to Vena for everyone, no matter their unique needs or learning style.
Some of the members of the va11y team, showing our love for accessibility with balloons and stickers during an event held in our office.

What Does Va11y Mean?

pronounced like the word "valley"
Stands for Vena. Accessibility is ingrained in Vena's DNA.
A common short form for accessibility, with 11 letters between A and Y.
We are allies, closing the gap in accessibility knowledge at Vena.
Vena employees at an event held by the va11y team to increase awareness and engagement on accessibility.

Our Vision

At some point in our lives, we all face barriers to access. Va11y strives to act as the voice of an accessible Vena by representing the needs of our own staff and collaborators. This includes the experience of our products and sales cycle by prospects and clients as well as the experience of internal processes by our employees, hiring candidates and visitors.
Members of the va11y team in a virtual meeting

Our Mission

Va11y believes in empathy, belonging and understanding. We address the challenges associated with barriers in accessibility for Venanites and our collaborators. Va11y educates Vena about the principles and practices of accessible experiences and empowers each of us to take action towards removing barriers for all.

A Message From Debbie Lillitos, Chief Customer Officer at Vena

"Vena believes in integration, equal opportunity and diversity. We believe everyone has something unique to offer: our teammates, our customers and our organization. We are committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to contribute meaningfully, while maintaining their dignity and independence. Va11y is leading the charge on ensuring our environment, our processes and our products are usable by all people."

Our Goals

Person in Wheelchair
Promote and lead awareness and training in a11y in all departments
Accessible Digital Experience
Meet WCAG AA 2.1 standards in all our digital experiences
Accessible Physical Workplace
Comply with global accessibility legislations in our physical workspaces
People Gathering and Sharing Ideas
Promote awareness of accessibility through events such as International Day of Disabled Persons (IDPWD)
Ensure the people of Vena represent the greater world around us
Partners Shaking Hands
Meet the diverse needs of employees and those who partner with us

Our Pillars

Accessibility in the workplace
We celebrate the differences that make us all unique at Vena and strive to make our workplace accessible however we can. We incorporate accessible practices into every department taking pride in knowing this is a lifelong, collaborative journey.
Accessibility in our product, services and digital experiences
As we create digital experiences for others, we have a responsibility to ensure those experiences can be accessed by anyone through methods that fit their needs. We aim to create accessible digital experiences in all of our product, service and digital offerings.
Accessibility in your journey
As your partner in growth, we are constantly looking for ways to offer the best possible support for your individual needs, whether that’s through our product, customer support, recruitment procedures and other interactions.
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