Vena CFO Darrell Cox and Plan To Grow talk title:

Plan To Grow Talk: 7 Principles of The Agile CFO

December 2, 2020 Jon Paul  
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Finance Boring? Never.

Is finance exciting? Absolutely, according to Vena’s Chief Financial Officer, Darrell Cox, in his new talk on Plan To Grow, 7 Principles of The Agile CFO. The finance team plays a pivotal role in building out an organization’s growth journey, leading it through change and determining its future success. Sprinkle in some disruption and a dash of uncertainty and it’s pretty obvious that finance leaders are never bored. But what turns a finance professional into an Agile finance leader?

7 Principles of The Agile CFO
  • Series: Transformational Leadership
  • Growth Path: Personal, Professional
  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Category: CPE Track

The difference between a traditional finance professional and an agile one depends largely on how they view their role and measure their impact. Agile CFOs are trusted business advisors—storytellers who use their finance superpower to bring numbers to life with meaning. They don’t just mitigate risk, they optimize performance. They look forward, not backward. And they harness change to build better businesses.

In this on-demand talk, as part of the Transformational Leadership series on Plan To Grow, Darrell outlines the seven principles that guide Agile CFOs:

1. Be Human

2. Be a Storyteller

3. Think Big

4. Think Forward

5. Embrace and Own Change

6. Have a Bias to Action

7. Embrace Technology 

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