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Cloud Security: A Talent Gap that Can’t be Closed

February 1, 2017 |

Originally published on The Enterprises Project in 10 IT Leaders Weigh in on Their Biggest Talent Gaps for 2017

The future of technology is rife with challenges old and new (think: security and IoT security), and opportunities for digital disruption are up for grabs (I’m looking at you, artificial intelligence). As CIOs plan for the year ahead, they’re assessing the capabilities of their teams and identifying areas where they need to boost their skills. We wanted to know:  What are the biggest IT talent gaps or considerations for CIOs today?

A talent gap that can’t be closed 

“How [companies] build their infrastructure to ensure resilience, disaster recovery and scale is of critical importance.” 

Cloud: Most cloud companies use hosting providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. How they build their infrastructure to ensure resilience, disaster recovery and scale is of critical importance. However, there is a talent gap when companies believe they need to hire people who meet specific profiles for such jobs (i.e. DevOps Engineer). What happens is they hire IT administrators as opposed to software engineers. Consequently, they miss out on the critical computer science background needed to really build a rock solid cloud infrastructure. Hiring strong computer scientists with a propensity or desire to learn cloud infrastructure is key.

Security: In a cloud world, security is of critical importance. Every company should have a team focused on security but it shouldn’t end there. Security needs to be the responsibility of everyone on a team. Because this area is so fluid and ever-evolving, no one person will be able to fully catch everything. To augment this, it’s worthwhile to hire third party security testing firms to test and validate your infrastructure as an anonymous and signed-in user. From my perspective, security is a talent gap that can’t ever be truly closed.

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