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Vena 365 Connect: Improving Cross-Team Collaboration

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Remember when you walked over to another department, tapped a coworker on the shoulder and told them that their task was ready in the workflow?

In today's "new normal," we often find ourselves sending messages and waiting. Sometimes for minutes, other times, it's days. Have they read it? Are they in a meeting? Are they off this week? You need their review before the end of the day so you can move it along. The next person's waiting on you--and they need to approve this budget by tomorrow. Oh, and now the last person just sent you an updated version.

Ah, the joys of remote work. And this is only one example of the drawbacks we've all likely encountered since early 2020.

In our 2021 Industry Benchmark Report, it was revealed that 74.6% of organisations we surveyed introduced new remote working environments. A study by Microsoft and LinkedIn found that about one-third of all American workers shifted from office to remote work full time in April 2020. Their workflows--and cross-team collaboration--looked different, and for some, those shifts are now permanent. To drive their cross-functional team collaboration further, our recent Winter '22 product release included two new major features in Vena 365 Connect:

Intersection Comments

With Vena's intersection comments, you'll turn siloed departments into integrated business planning partners by accelerating information sharing and aligning processes. You can create threaded discussions around performance and tag and receive email notifications--which direct recipients to that spreadsheet--on specific comments.

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Audit Trails

With Vena's audit trails, you'll take control of the collaboration process and eliminate version control issues as you prepare corporate budgets. You can access the exact list of data changes of a particular point in time, as well as the details--who changed it, when they changed it and what they changed--of every edit.

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Vena 365 Connect

As more employees prefer the remote environment, teams may drift apart. Don't let the virtual offices slow down your team and their budgets. With Vena 365 Connect, your team can embrace digital transformation to work faster and more collaboratively. Stop waiting hours--or even days--for replies, and let Vena empower you to get your budgets approved on time.


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