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Find out how to future-proof your organization by automating workflows and optimizing business processes—empowering your teams to work better, faster and smarter using cutting-edge technology.

What Microsoft's Copilot Will Mean for the Office of Finance

Learn four ways your finance team will be able to use Microsoft's Copilot and what this new AI assistant will mean for the future of finance departments.
An illustration of an excel window with a black window showing code behind it. A white snake weaves between them.

How FP&A Professionals Can Use Python in Excel for More Powerful Analysis

Learn what implications the integration of Python in Excel has for FP&A professionals, along ...
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A Guide to Successful CPM Implementations: The Case for Starting Small

Discover when your organization should consider CPM software, what challenges to expect and why the ...
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The 9 Best AI Tools for Finance & FPA (2024)

These are the best AI tools to help finance teams improve their planning accuracy and speed up ...
A graphic with two red, white and green donut charts on the left and Microsoft's Power BI logo on the right

Power BI Dashboards for Finance: Key Use Cases and Examples

We cover everything finance teams need to get started with building Power BI dashboards, including ...