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Cash Flow Planning With Vena Empowers Businesses To Plan for Growth

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Cash is king. And for good reason. All companies need working capital to maintain their operations in good times and bad. Cash flow is a key factor in the long-term success of your business. To keep it flowing, cash flow management and planning must become an integral part of the everyday to meet daily operations, new longer-term projects and investments. But without the right tools, processes and strategies in place, cash flow management and planning can become one of the most complicated aspects of operating your business, setting you up for setbacks, instead of success. 

Cash flow planning in Vena empowers you to dive deeper into your data so you can plan with intention across your business. Vena brings the data from your existing systems into a centralized database and with the power of this unified data, helps create actionable insights and reports for a collaborative cross-company planning process.

Master Cash Flow Management

To keep looking forward as you focus on your company's growth, you have to stop looking back to verify if the data you're using is trustworthy or up to date. Errors resulting from manually inputting  time-consuming tasks across different data sources can only mean one thing: decisions are made on assumptions and not on accurate data. 

Vena enables you to automate redundant tasks and generate reports within the same application used to calculate, store and access data so you can really put your numbers to work. And when all of that data is housed in a centralized and secure database that easily integrates with all of your source systems, it means you will always have access to error-free cash flow statements and projections and never have to worry about accuracy again. With clear visibility of cash flow across your organization, that's when your team can really start digging deeper into the data for insights with agile cash flow planning

Stay Agile With Vena's Cash Flow Planning

To get a full view on where your business stands, no matter what happens, requires becoming more agile in cash flow planning. Vena helps you get clarity on the best path forward with its best-in-class scenario planning and analysis. Source system integrations will load your data automatically creating driver-based models you can run monthly, weekly or daily. Add Vena's ad-hoc reporting and forecasting tools that help create real-time reports in minutes and get ready to analyze the impact of potential changes. You can adjust assumptions and cash flow plans at any given moment and prepare for any scenario with confidence. See how Vena is helping others plan for the future with cash flow management, scenario modeling and what-if analysis.

With Vena's cash flow management and planning, you'll always know where your working capital is going. When it's easy to understand your cash flow drivers, create financial modeling and set targets based on real-time reports, you'll always be ready to proactively influence results, plan for future investments and make the kind of strategic decisions necessary to keep your business growing.

Go from looking back to thinking forward with Vena's Cash Flow Management Software.


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