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How To Get Your Business Ready for Tomorrow With Power BI Embedded

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Change. It's the one constant in life. You can't prevent it, but you can plan for it. And what's more--you can grow through it.

Preparing your business for tomorrow means investing the time and effort today to anticipate any changes ahead. Whether those changes happen in your business, industry, marketplace or global economy, ensuring you can respond quickly and stay ahead of change is key to the long-term success of your business.

That's where the power of business intelligence technologies such as Power BI can help--empowering your teams to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics. With Power BI, you can proactively manage your data--from internal and external sources--more efficiently with process automation and combine it with business analytics to pull insights and analysis faster.

Now imagine taking this powerful analytics tool and charging it up to the next level--enabling faster insights at scale with guided business intelligence for all. That's what you get with Power BI Embedded.

In this blog, we'll explain how Power BI Embedded can get your business ready for tomorrow with up-to-the-minute insights and analysis along with fully optimised and interactive visualizations that bring data to life and deliver value across your organisation.


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Gain Real-Time Insights

Getting your business ready for tomorrow entails turning your operational data into insights today. Gaining those real-time insights with Power BI Embedded is instant and requires no manual work on your end. What Power BI Embedded does is it simplifies Power BI capabilities with embedded analytics. This means you can instantly tell your financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting story using engaging interactive visuals, reports and dashboards--without having to build them.

With Vena, Power BI Embedded integrates business intelligence and artificial intelligence directly into Vena. You can then analyse unique trends in real time, experience advanced and sophisticated insights with the AI capabilities, while mitigating any data gaps or inconsistencies that would normally slow you down. Once you have these up-to-the-minute analytics, you can then collaborate on them and further share them across your organisation. Power BI Embedded with Vena allows you to easily automate the management and deployment of the insights and analysis with visualization optimised--enabling your teams to work together to make confident decisions at every level of your business.

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Create a Data-Driven Culture

Planning for tomorrow means standing out from the competition and business intelligence software helps you do just that--gain an edge over the competition. Power BI Embedded with Vena leverages machine learning applied across end-to-end analytical workflows and an intuitive user experience to bring finance and operations teams together with one secure and centralised data source that includes a macro perspective of your datasets. Turn this up a notch with Vena's best-in-class, multi-dimensional modeling and scenario capabilities to power business-wide planning.

With interactive reports and dashboards, your teams can turn numbers into narratives, uncover insights faster and provide at-a-glance visuals of key company KPIs for every user and department. This means everyone across your organisation will always be prepared with the latest data to make more informed decisions. And the best part? Users don't have to invest the time to build and maintain the analytics themselves.

With everyone on the same page, not only will you get a view into every level of your business, you'll also maximise your business performance and be better equipped to respond to change faster. Want to understand your customers better? You can monitor customer retention metrics--such as attrition rate, purchase frequency and average order value. Use that data to create differentiated products, services or offers and get to market first.

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Mitigate Risks With Business Intelligence Tools

When it comes to keeping your business on track for today and tomorrow, it all comes down to managing data and minimizing data risk. Integrated data and embedded BI with guided analytics in Vena empowers you to do just that, keeping your data organised, secure--with industry-leading data security capabilities, including sensitivity labeling, end-to-end encryption and real-time access monitoring--and in one place.

Power BI Embedded then empowers you to challenge the way you look at the data and to ask new questions. Once your data is integrated and analysed in real time, you can create dashboards, reports and visualizations with Power BI Embedded to test, explore patterns and use predictive analysis to answer, "What if?" or "What happens next?".

With guided business intelligence for all, your teams will have the actionable metrics that matter, align around key business goals and objectives and monitor performance against those goals. These faster insights at scale will then ultimately help drive better decision making organisation-wide when it comes to mitigating risks, navigating change and responding quickly to rapidly changing market conditions.

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