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Serving Vena's Customers With Our Own Plan To Grow

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Just this week we made an exciting announcement about our $300M series C funding round with Vista Equity Partners. Vista has a long history of helping companies scale while staying focused on customer value and company culture. This aligns really well to how we think about the trust we build with customers and partners and the depth and quality of the culture we've built. I'm thrilled to see Vista join JMI Equity and Centana Growth Partners as investors and board members for this next leg of our journey.

In many ways, I feel as if our journey has just begun because there is so much ahead of us, but I also recognize that we've come a long way. When I joined as CEO just under two years ago, I was impressed by the humility and capability of the people on the team, by the potential we had to build a special company delivering quantifiable value and by the shared commitment to our purpose of helping finance and operations teams plan and run their businesses. Much of what I was excited about had evolved over time, but the core of the company was a reflection of the passion and drive of our three co-founders, George Papayiannis (Chief Technology Officer), Rishi Grover (Chief Solutions Architect) and Don Mal (former CEO). Just under 10 years ago, Vena was born and we are now 450 Venanites strong and growing fast to serve customers all over the globe across myriad industries. Each customer relationship we've developed along the way helped to shape our culture and will define our future. Those same relationships gave us strength through the pandemic and drove us to continue creating new levers of value within our product and company. We continue to be humbled by the trust our customers and partners put in us and strive to earn it every day.

As we transitioned into 2020, it became even more clear to us that all organizations need both proven methodology and flexible technology to build agility and resilience into their financial and operational planning. It also became clear that we still had a lot of work ahead of us to grow into the company we aspire to be, helping tens of thousands of customers find their own success leveraging Vena as their planning platform of choice. Through these lenses of customer need and company growth, we've opened our doors to welcome Vista as a valued investor and operating partner in serving our mission. We are all excited by the work ahead of us and thrilled that we will be able to help so many more organizations and so many more finance and operations professionals Plan to GrowTM with Vena. 


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