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Building a Winning Culture With Trust at Vena

July 12, 2022 |
by Vena Solutions

Both the level of uncertainty and the pace of change over the last few years have cemented how important trust is in managing our organizations and cultures.  Here at Vena, trust is an important part of our company culture. In fact, Customer Trust is one of Vena’s four core values. It’s one of the things we value above all else. We are One Team (another core value) with many voices and one purpose. We trust each other and are united in the service of our customers and our purpose.

“We understand that a company culture built on trust empowers everyone. It sets the foundation for collaboration, creativity, innovation and growth. But we also understand that trust must be earned. That’s why we work hard every day to build and maintain that trust at Vena—at every level of our organization,” says Vena CEO Hunter Madeley. “We all do our best to walk our talk, to align our behavior with our core values and to keep our promises to our people, customers and communities.”

Building a Winning Culture
On Comparably, a leading workplace culture and corporate brand reputation platform where employees can leave anonymous ratings and reviews about their employers, one of our Vena employees shared, “I appreciate the transparency with which they lead this company. It is refreshing! There are no egos, no politics or hidden agendas. They do a great job of communicating a vision and helping everyone understand what their role is in achieving it.”

It’s true, leading with transparency and building trust in our workplace starts with our leaders, but these are shared responsibilities across the culture. We all strive to be transparent, collaborative and to lean on each other to do great work together—at the best of times and especially when facing adversity.

We celebrate our collective wins, but are always looking for new ways to grow and to better serve our customers and our culture. Our customer and employee NPS processes have been invaluable in shaping the value we provide and we’re always grateful for the feedback. We feel that Trust is strengthened with each cycle of feedback and action, and we’re excited for the future we’re creating together.

Last year, our employee ratings and reviews earned Comparably Awards for Best Company Culture, Best Company for Diversity, Best Company for Women and more. For the full list of Comparably awards Vena won in 2021, click here.

Did you know Vena was named one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers in 2021 and one of Canada’s 2022 Top Small & Medium Employers?

“I appreciate the transparency with which they lead this company. It is refreshing! There are no egos, no politics or hidden agendas.”
                                                                                                         —Anonymous Reviewer

Employee Feedback
Building trust within our organization is also heavily reliant on our employee feedback. It influences the happiness of our team, the quality of our execution and the satisfaction of our customers. We invest in our team’s growth, nurture their interests and skills and provide support for their mental, emotional and physical well-being. In our culture of open communication, not only do we frequently ask for employee feedback, we take action on that feedback. Some of the ways we took action on employee feedback are reflected in the recent changes we made to our Parental Leave Program which put inclusivity, equity and flexibility at the forefront of our policy. We also expanded our health and wellness initiatives to offer additional support to our employees.

“Ensuring our employees feel valued, heard and appreciated is part of our every day,” says Vena Chief People Person Tracey Mikita. “At every stage of our employees’ journeys, we work to ensure that they have the tools and support they need in their personal and professional lives to excel in their roles.”

We call it Respect & Authenticity (another core value). Employees want to feel valued and empowered to do their best work. To do that, we strive to provide them with a safe space and the freedom to be themselves so they can feel a deep sense of belonging and togetherness.

Our employee-run resource groups, what we call Vena Resource Groups (VRGs), are one of the ways we aim to create the space and freedom for our employees to be themselves and to celebrate and value our differences. Through our various VRGs, including our new Spectrum (2SLGBTQIA+) and Melanite (Black employees) groups, employees are encouraged to bring together their diverse perspectives and experiences and are given a platform to join the important conversations happening internally and externally.

When our employees can bring their authentic selves to work, we can all work closely together to do great work in the service of customers—and take pride in Execution Excellence (another core value). After all, it’s the many dimensions of diversity that give us strength and push us to think differently and to be better.

"Ensuring our employees feel valued, heard and appreciated is part of our every day.”
                                                                                                                —Tracey Mikita
                                                                                             Chief People Person, Vena

Customer Trust and Service
In order to best serve our customers and to ensure the security and integrity of their data, all of our employees are part of our culture of security. Our organization-wide commitment to trust and security means we all care deeply about helping our customers grow and succeed and act with their best interests in mind. We employ best-of-breed technologies and stringent operational processes to ensure customer data is safe at all times. You can read more about our commitment to Customer Trust here.

Commitment to Innovation
In serving our mission of helping our customers Plan To Grow™, we’re aware that our customers look to Vena, the only native Excel Complete Planning platform built for Microsoft 365 with Power Embedded, to help them build agility and resilience in their financial and operational planning processes.

To learn how industry leaders are growing a healthier business through a smarter approach to planning with Vena, read our Customer Stories.

Recently, the feedback of our customers and community helped us earn 2022 Top Rated Awards from TrustRadius for Budgeting and Forecasting, Corporate Performance Management and Financial Close. Actually, the trust they have in Vena strengthens our ongoing commitment to product innovation that puts the needs of our customers front and center. Our tailored solutions that serve all industries are an example of building with Customer Trust top of mind.

Interested to know how much verified users value Vena? Click here to read their reviews.

These accolades that are a direct result of our customer feedback drive us to do even more for our community of customers and partners, especially when it comes to excelerating their personal, professional and business growth at From events, forums, free financial Excel templates and the Vena Academy, there are so many opportunities for members to learn, connect and grow in a diverse community of finance and operations professionals.

Come Grow With Us
Interested in learning more about Vena’s winning culture and growth? Vena is hiring! We are a hybrid remote-office workplace with offices in Toronto, Canada and London, England. Visit our newly launched Careers site for current job openings and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to learn more about life at Vena.


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