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May 17, 2021 Tanya Goncalves  
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You’re probably wondering what Excel Nerds Unite is all about. Well, this community came out of Vena’s desire to bring together Excel nerds and enthusiasts alike. We wanted to create a community that celebrated Excel nerd culture. As part of our official launch, we built a dedicated website where Excel nerds and enthusiasts can unite together. The website will continue to grow into a space for Excel-related content—blogs, spreadsheets, Excel memes and puns and more. And Excel Nerds Unite is also part of Vena Nation week, which is our annual virtual conference for finance, operations and business leaders to excel together. 

There are some great things you can look forward to that Excel Nerds Unite will be doing as part of Vena Nation week. We’re bringing in two legendary Excel experts to speak on all kinds of interesting Excel-related topics—from new Excel features you just need to know to understanding the importance of effective data storytelling in Excel. Both of our speakers are recognized as Excel MVPs by Microsoft. But wait, there’s more. You can even submit your Excel questions on our Excel Nerds Unite website and they will get answered during Vena Nation week (and beyond that during our yearly Plan To Grow talks). So if you’ve ever been stuck on an Excel problem, now’s your chance to chat with the pros!

So with that, why don’t I tell you a little bit about our Excel Nerd speakers who will be with us during Vena Nation Week. 

Chandoo-1Punra Duggirala aka Chandoo

Let me begin by introducing Chandoo. Punra Duggirala, also known by his nickname, Chandoo, holds an MBA from IIM Indore and Computer Science degree from Andhra University. Chandoo is really passionate about data analytics and visualization and has developed a platform for sharing knowledge about Microsoft Excel, Power BI and new ways of presenting data. He loves Excel (possibly even more than we do here at Vena), and for Vena Nation week this year, he’ll be teaching you New Excel Features You Need To Know and The Ultimate Excel Shortcuts to help you become the nerdiest Excel expert. To make it even better, Chandoo will be answering your Excel-related questions, so be sure to submit them before June 15!

Watch Chandoo's Talks on Plan To Grow

Missed Chandoo's talks during Vena Nation week? Watch his keynotes New Excel Features You Need to Know and The Ultimate Excel Shortcuts on Plan To Grow.

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LiamLiam Bastick aka SumProduct

Liam Bastick is a full-time Excel legend and part-time comedian (you’ll see more of the comedian during his sessions). Liam is a chartered accountant and chartered management accountant specializing in financial modeling and strategic advice. He is also the Director of SumProduct, a business providing Power BI to financial modeling services and strategic advice, decision analysis support and training to corporate, banking and service delivery clients nationally and internationally. For Vena Nation week, Liam will be walking you through Creating Effective Spreadsheets in Excel and Effective Data Storytelling in Excel.

Watch Liam's Talks on Plan To Grow

Missed Liam's talks during Vena Nation week? Watch his keynotes Creating Effective Spreadsheets in Excel and Effective Data Storytelling in Excel on Plan To Grow.

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Missed Vena Nation Week?

Check out all the Vena Nation week sessions on Plan To Grow, and stay tuned for more updates and all the ongoing content that will be released on Excel Nerds Unite. Make sure to check out all the great talks and live and interactive events we had during Vena Nation week this year.

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